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Past Me: “I know I’ll get the flexible rails!”
Current Me: whyyyyy didn’t I just get the quickrail

Nothing quite like the sound of chinchillas chirping in their sleep

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#FreeRadical blog: "Skip 'Mastodon for iPhone'"

Sometimes a creator loses touch with how people use their creation. I worry that Eugen Rochko has found himself in a bubble and doesn’t understand why the rest of us like Mastodon. Eugen and friends released the new official Mastodon for iPhone app, and users noticed that it doesn’t show local [...]

(posted at Sun, 01 Aug 2021 17:42:49 -0700)

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it's Friday!

What're your follow friday reccos?

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an entire windows-like thing. in your web browser.

science has gone too far

I figured out why the dennis server did not like 20.04. Now deployed in test.

need a car in GTE livery for an elaborate joke

*finds the original rack mount hardware*

Ah dammit

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Who are your #followfriday recommendations?

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Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

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have you tried refreshing the page
have you tried restarting chrome
have you tried restarting windows
have you tried restarting your computer
have you tried turning it off then turning it off again
have you tried turning off the main breaker in your house and flipping it back on again
have you tried going to bed and waking back up in an hour

moving slack into an x2go session so I can just let it have an entire VM to itself

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I swear YouTube lost the auto play disable button again

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> "Taco Bell has a 'district-wide shortage of hot sauce...times are tough," tweeted one patron.

the end times are nigh, repent

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