i took 46 calls today, which, sounds like a lot, but hoo boy is it ever a lot when you aren't really used to that volume

the real fun version of this is on my twitter but i went on a walk today. I'm trying to build my endurance and physical capability back up a little bit, my goal is to be able to go to the gas station for a soda by the end of summer

about a decade ago I was walking ~2-3mi/way to and from work each day in all but the most extreme weather and while I won't be walking to campus now (live 6mi away) I've been told I definitely need to drop a few pounds and be more active

scene shenanigans 

okay so this is silly of me but someone on the forum just posted "this model that's been unfairly maligned for 25 years... might not actually be that bad?"

and I am LIVING for it because I have been saying this stuff and bringing receipts for like three or four years at absolute minimum

forgot to post anything here yesterday.
I made it home yesterday after like a 900 mile drive split up between two days - I was Having A Weird One so I didn't really set the van up to sleep decently and then the latter half of the drive had lots of "other motorists" which was a bummer

appropos of nothing in particular, paraphrasing heavily: I went on vacation to visit with some friends in Nevada. The van was doing great but then it was time to take it in for an oil change and safety check before driving 700mi back home.

did that, started back home the next day: it overheated basically 2h into the drive and now it's at a shop. yaaay.

a friend helped fix/maintain the mz-n1 and mz-r909.
n1: write protect switch was misaligned, we realigned it and it's writing discs reliably now
r909: needed to be lubed, now plays discs as well as all of my other units

it doesn't matter why we're known // we're just known

it also occurs to me that as additional preservation methods become available it may be relevant to identify which one was used, e.g. S500 optical vs. N1 analog or even potentially netmd transfer or (if I ever get one) RH1 transfer

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It occurs to me that "what music is on this disc" and "what, physically, is this disc like" should be different fields

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anyway new.stenoweb.net/_layouts/15/s if you want to see what I've got so far, because lol.

I added fields for whether or not a disc needs to have its original content recorded and the status of the disc e.g. if I've decided I'm done with something or if a disc is in the testing pool

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so I have been numbering minidiscs...

acknowledging here that this is exceedingly "nerd numerology bullshit", I picked a range (100-119) for a group I need/want to dump in the mid future then started numbering the older discs...

then I was like "ah okay, the MDW60s will be 80 through 94" which would be great except....
there are 23, not 15 of them.

I guess it's 200-222 for the MDW60s and then I'll just make 250-350 memorexland (I got part of a DJ set numbered in that range)

fun thing is that i'm running my surface laptop at 200% which results in a 1128x752 workspace.

everything is big enough that I can read everything even if my eyes are defocused, so, for whatever that's worth is suppose

oh you know just doing time math to estimate how long a disc i'd need, it's fine.

boy howdy -- apocalypse pop (2009) has an intensely different feel and mood from apocalypse pop (2022)

take "merits" here as properties, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the LP4 mode

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interesting discussion in the MD discord about LP4 and its merits, one thing I think is interesting is... if I'd had MD in the early 2000s I would have made much more significant use of LP4, especially if NetMD was involved, I don't think I would've been able to hear the difference, or that I would've cared based on the types of headphones I had at the time

today? SP all the way, exclusively because I like swapping discs

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