thirty to fifty feral olives is both an easy weeknight dinner and a normal occurrence in some parts of the world

it's a sign of my misplaced priorities that i'm probably going to get a library card before any other form of ID or establishing residency here, despite having only read one entire book in the last month

if you're texting a mysterious creature, your conversation is encryptid.

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packing for my move is an annoying irony: i have too much stuff, yet I also need to buy a lot more once I get there

i can more than afford to buy everything i need, and work's going to reimburse me a fair amount, but it's still annoying

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starting a band called Linkedin Park to the annoyance of everyone, especially the legal departments of Microsoft and Warner Music,,

okay, paper is submitted and I get to move on wednesday (unless my mom thinks I haven't packed well enough)

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finally sent my capstone paper draft in to my capstone committee!
now to watch them tell me my work's bad and I should feel bad

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linguistics shitpost, multi-layer cited telephone /t(wee|oo)t/ 

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quirked up cyrillic letter with a little bit of swag, is it iotated with the sauce?


the hot new drink of the summer among electrical engineers is the Amphenol Spritz.

POV: you're a phone line in need of repair by the hot girl service bureau

qrt with your car, you, and what you’re listening to on blast while you drive with the windows down

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my move is now entirely conditional on submitting a draft of my paper to my capstone committee for approval
i'm an academic hostage now.

latex 🤝 some businesses
requiring effort to get a correct quote

OH: The fucking JWST wishes it had mirrors as smooth as my fucking brain okay

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even worse, her degree is in a completely unrelated field with somewhat different research and writing conventions to what I'm doing

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subtoot, academia 

(subtweeting my mom): if you last wrote an academic paper during the Reagan administration, perhaps you shouldn't be trying to micromanage your daughter's MSc thesis/capstone

I wrote a "beach episode" about my witch OCs
it really doesn't fit in to any overarching plot, but I felt like writing a witchy good time

(my site):

OH: like my emotions, my software is rather unstable

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