just developed a roll from the beginning of the summer

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fuji Eterna RDS (6 ISO)
🧪: 2 min prewash, 10 min HC-110 Dilution B, 8 min Ilford fix (the wash and extra fixing were probably unnecessary, but I'm going to do them on my next roll)

type of guy who thinks "goated with the sauce" is a term for fans of the Mountain Goats,,

becoming the type of gf who counts as authorized personnel (or who at least *appears* to be authorized)

OH: you have an industrial grade eyewash station in your house, right?

some photos from a trip up into New Hampshire
🎞️: very expired TMAX
📷: Sinar Norma

I finally got around to developing my 4x5 film from the past couple months

I'll scan them tomorrow when they're dry

hey, wanna come cast some spells and rend the very fabric of reality asunder with me 🧙‍♀️🪄?

I'm sorry about how boring my posts have been lately

fiction's been hard to write lately, and I have several rolls and an increasingly full box of 4x5 film that I haven't gotten around to developing

but hopefully things'll be better soon :)

the student information system shows that I've passed my capstone and completed all of my degree requirements, so now to anxiously wait for that to show up on my transcript and for them to mail me my diploma

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the research magical girl casts spells with a pen and looks good doing so

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if you're a woman working in civil engineering, you're building infrastructHER,

type of guy who salts their pasta water with soy sauce
(it's me and i'm out of salt)

did you know that the Bell telephone system had custom made cameras and film just for taking photos of mechanical counters?

a friend sent me a roll of the film and sent me down a rabbit hole of telephone history, which you can read more about here:

I finally scanned the first pictures I took with it

🎞️: very expired TMAX 400
📷: Sinar Norma
(thank you again to @smooth_salad@twitter.com!)

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@flamingspork hm now i wonder

this world has corporate labs doing R&D for this sort of magic

that means some of them go bust and their equipment and parts stock gets auctioned off

... there must be people trying that as a means to transition, right?

I passed my defense!
now to make a couple small changes to my paper and finally be done with my degree

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