"get in the car; we're going shopping"
with a spell, the succubus makes herself look human but still strikingly hot
"normally, I'd ask for your soul, but I've got a craving and just want one of those big pretzels from the place at the mall"
"sounds like more than a fair trade for your advice and confidence"

the succubus' presence and magic bends reality and stores' shelves around the pair, making the previously daunting task of finding clothes that look good and fit easy and fun

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the witch checks over the circles and sigils and begins lighting the candles
the circle begins to glow as she chants in Latin
with a puff of sulfurous smoke, a succubus appears, looming over the witch
before the succubus has a chance to say anything, the witch issues an ultimatum

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🥺 i just want a box of clothes that are somehow all my size to show up

i want someone to pick out cute outfits and tell me what to buy

misunderstanding the phrase "speeding ticket" as an invitation to break the law and looking for them on ticketmaster,,

the general pattern of methods is as follows:
-1844-1933: telegraph
-1933-1971: teleprinter
-1971-1981: SNDMSG over Arpanet
-1981-present: SMTP
some messages are sent using prior methods, seemingly due to receiver availability

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SCP-#### (Safe) is an otherwise-ordinary IBM Thinkpad running Windows 95 with a copy of Outlook 97 installed
the email client appears normal, but the Scheduled Send option in the Compose window will accept dates in the past

if the Send button is clicked with a past date entered, the email will be sent and arrive at that past date and time
messages are sent via a period-appropriate system and cannot be transmitted before the availability of commercial electronic communications in 1844

visiting this undulating mass of peat deep in the Adirondacks awakened something in my mind and I spent the ride home furiously typing out a draft of "Bog Witch"

📷: Pentax K1000 (50mm f/1.7)
🎞️: Kodak Portra 160


tired: multilayer switch
wired: multiplayer switch (cisco with multiple console ports for dueling network admins)

OH: 🥺 what if we hacked a car together and we were both girls 👉 👈

(the person who said this aloud to me literally did the hand gesture, which I think is wonderful)

I took these on Blue Mountain in New York's Adirondack Mountains in mid-November

📷 : Pentax K1000 (50mm f/1.7)
🎞️ : Silberra Color160

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I finally got around to scanning some film I shot late last year

📷: Yashica C
🎞️: CineStill 800T

getting ratioed (cropping film frames out of scans while checking the aspect ratio)

play-to-yearn is when you put your Minecraft bed next to your gf's

it sounds a lot more fun to me than play-to-earn

i'm imagining a secret parallel academia of witches exchanging neatly LaTeX-typeset papers on topics that conventional physics deems impossible

if anyone asks why I'm wearing a P100 respirator in class, I'll point out that the university abandoned its contact tracing efforts and drastically shortened its quarantine requirements
(and also it's comfier than N95s and makes me look menacing)

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