I'm reading this week's chapter of Magilumiere Co Ltd (an excellent manga; check it out if you like magical girls and bureaucracy) and I've decided that my new gender is "research magical girl"


a week and a chapter later, I've determined that the research magical girl is 100% gender goals

(you should read it; start here at chapter 1: mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewe)

the research magical girl casts spells with a pen and looks good doing so

@flamingspork tbh having a magical girl style transformation sequence to wear protective lab stuff would be nice, simply because im already tired of having to put it on all by yourself

@flamingspork hm now i wonder

this world has corporate labs doing R&D for this sort of magic

that means some of them go bust and their equipment and parts stock gets auctioned off

... there must be people trying that as a means to transition, right?

@sys64738 i really want to try and fit this into the piece i'm writing about research magical girls

transitioning using work equipment was already going to be part of it

@sys64738 becoming a magical girl using equipment from govdeals,,

@flamingspork@tacobelllabs.net...i think I have more media to consume now

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