just developed a roll from the beginning of the summer

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fuji Eterna RDS (6 ISO)
🧪: 2 min prewash, 10 min HC-110 Dilution B, 8 min Ilford fix (the wash and extra fixing were probably unnecessary, but I'm going to do them on my next roll)

some photos from a trip up into New Hampshire
🎞️: very expired TMAX
📷: Sinar Norma

I finally got around to developing my 4x5 film from the past couple months

I'll scan them tomorrow when they're dry

hey, wanna come cast some spells and rend the very fabric of reality asunder with me 🧙‍♀️🪄?

the research magical girl casts spells with a pen and looks good doing so

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I finally scanned the first pictures I took with it

🎞️: very expired TMAX 400
📷: Sinar Norma
(thank you again to @smooth_salad@twitter.com!)

a week and a chapter later, I've determined that the research magical girl is 100% gender goals

(you should read it; start here at chapter 1: mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewe)

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some more photos from the same trips as my most recent color photos
📷: Yashica-C
🎞️: Verichrome Pan that expired in the 70s

I'm reading this week's chapter of Magilumiere Co Ltd (an excellent manga; check it out if you like magical girls and bureaucracy) and I've decided that my new gender is "research magical girl"

girls will say "I know a place" and take you to the abandoned subway tunnel

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fujicolor 400

TIL that developer used to come in cans

(photo from a local craigslist listing)

summer 2021 / summer 2022

QRT caraesten@twitter.com
summer 2021 / summer 2022

I have another roll that also went through the CT scanner that I've developed but haven't scanned yet, so we'll see whether the green speckling is there too when I finally get a scanner

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just realized i never got around to posting any of the photos from this roll from this spring

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fujicolor 400 (iirc) that went through a CT scanner and may not've been developed correctly

doing hot girl shit (hanging an authentic MBTA map plate in my apartment)

POV: you're a phone line in need of repair by the hot girl service bureau

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