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if MS-DOS is so good, why did they never make MS-TRES?

my capstone defense is scheduled for wednesday
wish me luck!

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some more photos from the same trips as my most recent color photos
📷: Yashica-C
🎞️: Verichrome Pan that expired in the 70s

I'm reading this week's chapter of Magilumiere Co Ltd (an excellent manga; check it out if you like magical girls and bureaucracy) and I've decided that my new gender is "research magical girl"

girls will say "I know a place" and take you to the abandoned subway tunnel

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fujicolor 400

I wish I could ignore the half-dozen ongoing catastrophes like most people seem to

(maybe this is because most people aren't on twitter and are better at handling their anxiety)

TIL that developer used to come in cans

(photo from a local craigslist listing)

I love it when my capstone committee ghosts me (/s)

I just want to do my defense and be done with my degree, goddamnit

OH1: I want to be a car that can be fueled by the blood of humans
OH2: isn't that just morbius?

summer 2021 / summer 2022

summer 2021 / summer 2022

CAC stands for Common Access Carrd, which specifies the pronouns of US military personnel and contractors,,

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I have another roll that also went through the CT scanner that I've developed but haven't scanned yet, so we'll see whether the green speckling is there too when I finally get a scanner

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just realized i never got around to posting any of the photos from this roll from this spring

📷: Pentax K1000
🎞️: Fujicolor 400 (iirc) that went through a CT scanner and may not've been developed correctly

I now have a library card and can now get around to reading the books and recommended to me

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