lasagna is like if you ran a plate of spaghetti under a steam roller

capitalism: look, i invented a new thing

people: is it just more CO2 emissions?

capitalism: yea it's just more CO2 emissions

a personal computer is a computer you have personal issues with

Me: "Well, now it's at least a semi-rigid dirt box."

[housemate chuckles]

Me: "'Semi-rigid Dirt Box' is the name of my new band."

Housemate: "Heh, 'gardencore.'"

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A former coworker once said “if i could shovel shit for a living and get paid the same, I’d do it” and i have been thinking about that ever sense.

I have heard good things about working for the orange home improvement store. Best friend of mine worked there for a number of years and became a department manager. Caveat is I can decidedly say this friend is not a programmer type of person. Anyway if you have questions, I would be glad to ask them on your behalf.

Cock-Tailed Tyrant: Coolest bird name ever, and also a great insult to hurl at a political opponent.

You know how password prompts will tell you "You have your caps lock on"? Maybe we should start using Windows Hello style tech to tell you that someone might be watching you enter your password in the same place.

Three days in a row now, without trying, I've glanced at my phone to check the time at exactly 13:37.

The guy did say he couldn’t get them working. Makes me wonder if there is perhaps an obnoxious procedure to reset to the default password?

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Food and collectibles 

The second of which made it here way the hell from asia. Let me tell you fig halwa is my new favorite halwa. Home made muruku way better than the shit from the store. Afternoon snack has been upgraded for the next week 😎

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I had planned to pull down and rebuild this garden bed this year, but the leftover scraggly bits of silverbeet have spring back to life, burdened with glorious purpose. There are also a couple of really healthy looking garlic shoots in there and I apparently missed some potatoes. I think I'll leave it alone, something's obviously going right.

A hell of a lot of apples fell off the tree into this thing, maybe that's the secret. :awesome:

#gardening #florespondence @plants

Food and collectibles 

Against all odds, the pagan gods of packages allowed two much delayed packages to be released to my custody today. The first of which little stompy robots. If you’ve ever played MechWarrior, you might see something familiar

cat levels are 20% and rising

(20%) ■■□□□□□□□□

Went to the bar, was talking to friends friends who has 8 inches of poo water in their basement and were trying to down play how bad it was cuz my friend had 8ft of water. I’m like guys it’s ok to be traumatized your shit got fucked up too lol dont feel guilty cuz somebody else got double plus ultra fucked and you only got good and super fucked

i found a forum post from 2005 linking to the best buy page for this monitor and the URL still works! how? check out this great marketing image with olde timey web sites

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I was wondering what the largest square(ish) screen was i guess they are still made. 26.5" 1:1 aspect ratio monitor ... okay then

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