Our cat Medb really likes to slide down the window of our car. She'll leap onto the roof of the car and then slide down the windshield. Sometimes, she does it over and over again.

For Internet shutdown in #Kazakhstan, the local energy wasters cannot submit their hashes, so #bitcoin sees a decrease of the hashrate by 12%. Miners moved to neighbouring Kazakhstan after #China was fed up with them. Eventually Kazakhstan faced power outages in winter. coingape.com/kazakhstans-inter

Ecosystems built to lock users in through their data and platform are a soft form of ransomware.

I really though my hot water kettle (yes @selectric , that one) mysteriously had white mold inside, so I scrubbed it. After scrubbing, the white spots were still there! Ok not mold, so what then? First search result says lime from hard water! Oh, Duh. A little vinegar and scrubbing and itโ€™s gone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Donโ€™t eat a large meal of hot spicy food the evening before a morning flight

I kind of hate being on an airplane but a little light shitposting about carrying usbc over db25 is already making it better

Itโ€™s funny. When 18 growing apart from friends is a huge deal. Then you grow old and wizened and it gets to be old hat. oh, this person Iโ€™ve had a relationship with for a decade actually sucks? Huh. ten minutes of reflecting on that bummer followed by: oh well, idgaf I have other friends

Shut the fuck up headphones saying "volume max", I'll be the judge of that ๐Ÿ˜ค

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I impatiently updated my Nextcloud without making a backup and OF COURSE it took a shit blargh!

@nivex @djsundog The existence of fjords implies the existence of hjondas and chjevrolets.

Nobody developed 'dislikes' for posts on fediverse platforms because they aren't fucking psychopaths.

Your personal blog is worth more than 10K followers on social networks.

Wilyโ€™s castle in mega 9 is a royal pain in the ass

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