what do me and american auto manufacturers from about 1973 to 1983 have in common?

in our malaise era

never did manage to sell my jeep. I'm so bad at selling things.

What if I wrote a short story lmao that would be so random

they never even bothered to show up I am slowly jokerfying

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Someone is coming to look at my Jeep today and oh god please buy it please I so desperately want to use the space in my garage for other things maybe I could even park my subie in there PLEASE

If my boss isn't in the office today I'm leaving at whenever the fuck I want o'clock

dude came by to look at my jeep today and thought it was only worth $2000. He's gonna have a hard time even finding one that runs for $2000.

thinking about starting a new project. with leather. and buttons.

imo taco bell labs needs some car content and I am happy to oblige

Taco Bell Labs

a tiny corner of the internet that wishes it was on dial-up, for some reason.