alright, i think we're in the clear here. this server's now on 3.4.4, and more importantly, it's on a faster VM and should have far more space for attachments and such. let me know if you run into anything weird.

hey comrades,

we're a few versions behind on mastodon, afaik. more importantly, i'm moving this instance to a different provider (with faster storage!), so hopefully that'll help it load things better and be a bit less janky overall.

this means that the instance is going to be offline for most of saturday (2022-01-06, eastern time). i dunno how long the whole affair's gonna take, but i promise to read the instructions on how to move an instance before i start!



That all took a bit longer than I expected, but the file server is back online, so this instance should be back to full operation.


This instance will be offline for a few hours on Sunday, 2021-10-10, starting from 1600 UTC (1200 Eastern, @708 .beats) while its backing file server is upgraded.

looks like i forgot to set the SSL certificate on here for auto-renewal -- my apologies. i've fixed that up now, so you should stop getting certificate errors when trying to reach the site.


we had a quick power outage here at taco bell labs headquarters, which affected the file server this instance uses to store media. everything looks nominal this morning, but do leave a comment or send a message if you notice any weird behaviour.


yr humble administrator now has room on her desk to put a nice big lego set together. we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


This instance will be offline for a few minutes on Tuesday, 2021-07-06 at approximately 1600 UTC (12:00 Eastern, @709 .beats) while a file server that it relies on is physically relocated off of a desk and back into the coat closet.

I've just spent far too long making it so media uploads get sent to a big fat file server instead of locally on this tiny VPS... but it finally works!

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