We're a few versions back here at Taco Bell Labs, so on Sunday afternoon (2022-05-01, approximately 1700 UTC or @750) there will be some brief downtime to install the latest Mastodon software.

During this downtime, I'll also be attaching some additional storage to make sure that the disk doesn't fill up with caches and media and such -- things are getting just a little bit cosy.

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if you're curious about the nitty gritty, vultr's got wicked cheap block storage that you can attach to VMs, so that's exactly what i'm doing. this instance really doesn't use many resources, but we're currently at 69% disk usage.

(disclaimer: i work there)


@root you sure that's not an "inspired by Mastodon" instance?

@root thank you for using utc and thank you for your service

@marlies Taco Bell Labs is considering how best to petition the International Standards Organisation for recognition and acceptance of Swatch Internet Time.

@root yeah Swatch Internet Time definitely… beats UTC 😎

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