whoops, forgot to take down the banner and all that. maintenance is now complete.

@marlies Taco Bell Labs is considering how best to petition the International Standards Organisation for recognition and acceptance of Swatch Internet Time.

if you're curious about the nitty gritty, vultr's got wicked cheap block storage that you can attach to VMs, so that's exactly what i'm doing. this instance really doesn't use many resources, but we're currently at 69% disk usage.

(disclaimer: i work there)


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We're a few versions back here at Taco Bell Labs, so on Sunday afternoon (2022-05-01, approximately 1700 UTC or @750) there will be some brief downtime to install the latest Mastodon software.

During this downtime, I'll also be attaching some additional storage to make sure that the disk doesn't fill up with caches and media and such -- things are getting just a little bit cosy.

We've transferred DNS records to a different provider recently -- you shouldn't see any issues as a result of this, though.

We've gone ahead and pushed the 3.4.6 update a bit early -- doing the last upgrade meant this one only needed a reload of the web and sidekiq services.

Changelog for 3.4.6, if you're curious, is available from the Mastodon GitHub releases page: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/r

Last night's upgrade to 3.4.5 went successfully, except for the part where yr humble administrator fell asleep before sending a message to that effect.

Mastodon developers indicated that 3.4.6 will be released on Thursday between 583 and 667 .beats, so we'll likely do this around @750 (1700ish UTC, noonish EST). I don't expect anybody to notice unless they refresh the page at precisely the wrong time.

@flamingspork @selectric ... have you been paying attention? i've been doing that the whole time.


Mastodon developers have released version 3.4.5, which primarily serves as prep work for a critical security update that will be pushed with version 3.4.6.

We'll be down for maintenance at 209 .beats on 1 February (that's 0400 GMT) to install 3.4.5, and once again (probably at the same time) on 3 Feb for 3.4.6.

alright, i think we're in the clear here. this server's now on 3.4.4, and more importantly, it's on a faster VM and should have far more space for attachments and such. let me know if you run into anything weird.

hey comrades,

we're a few versions behind on mastodon, afaik. more importantly, i'm moving this instance to a different provider (with faster storage!), so hopefully that'll help it load things better and be a bit less janky overall.

this means that the instance is going to be offline for most of saturday (2022-01-06, eastern time). i dunno how long the whole affair's gonna take, but i promise to read the instructions on how to move an instance before i start!



That all took a bit longer than I expected, but the file server is back online, so this instance should be back to full operation.


This instance will be offline for a few hours on Sunday, 2021-10-10, starting from 1600 UTC (1200 Eastern, @708 .beats) while its backing file server is upgraded.

looks like i forgot to set the SSL certificate on here for auto-renewal -- my apologies. i've fixed that up now, so you should stop getting certificate errors when trying to reach the site.


we had a quick power outage here at taco bell labs headquarters, which affected the file server this instance uses to store media. everything looks nominal this morning, but do leave a comment or send a message if you notice any weird behaviour.


yr humble administrator now has room on her desk to put a nice big lego set together. we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


This instance will be offline for a few minutes on Tuesday, 2021-07-06 at approximately 1600 UTC (12:00 Eastern, @709 .beats) while a file server that it relies on is physically relocated off of a desk and back into the coat closet.

I've just spent far too long making it so media uploads get sent to a big fat file server instead of locally on this tiny VPS... but it finally works!

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