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opening a pizza joint called Margheritas & Margaritas

i’m sending my airpods to couples therapy.

there’s a part of me that wants one of those old plastic motel keychains, but i could never get one that actually has an address on it. i’d be too paranoid about losing them, only for someone to and to mail them to a nonexistent address

is it purely for the aesthetic? of course it fucking is.

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the packaging is different enough that i doubt it'll ever cause a problem, but every so often i absentmindedly open the fridge and grab a pack of polaroid film instead of the butter. they're on the same shelf.

oh hell, how the fuck does my music library have duplicates

find someone who loves you as much as open source projects love indecipherable forks

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I love that (most of) the second-generation HiMD machines will charge over USB. That and the MP3 stuff they could do sort of speaks to their being that crossover point between The Old Ways and The new Ways

forgot the tag lol, this one makes no sense as a tweet

but i did find out that the crossposter adds a cute little elephant emoji when referencing a tagged fediverse handle

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there's a part of me that wonders why i maintain the separation between @root and this account, given that there's only one admin on this instance and it's yrs truly

something about a separate account for administrative tasks feels more satisfyingly official.

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You'll eventually be matched automatically with amazing robots

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if you're curious about the nitty gritty, vultr's got wicked cheap block storage that you can attach to VMs, so that's exactly what i'm doing. this instance really doesn't use many resources, but we're currently at 69% disk usage.

(disclaimer: i work there)


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We're a few versions back here at Taco Bell Labs, so on Sunday afternoon (2022-05-01, approximately 1700 UTC or @750) there will be some brief downtime to install the latest Mastodon software.

During this downtime, I'll also be attaching some additional storage to make sure that the disk doesn't fill up with caches and media and such -- things are getting just a little bit cosy.

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