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That all took a bit longer than I expected, but the file server is back online, so this instance should be back to full operation.

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This instance will be offline for a few hours on Sunday, 2021-10-10, starting from 1600 UTC (1200 Eastern, @708 .beats) while its backing file server is upgraded.

I mean, it technically is, but I'd also be locked out of my apartment, and then I'd have two problems.

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I just wanted to let you all know that it's impossible for me to be locked out of the server room where this instance lives.

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I keep having a thought about cyberdecks and worldbuilding. Often, they are portrayed as specialized and customized hardware for an individual person to accentuate their abilities.

Which sounds great, and even stylish in that pre-2010s kinda way.

Today when I look around, though, I have the opposite thought. What if it wasn't a quest for more power or features which led to the creation of decks, but rather the attempt to scrounge together *any* tech which is *not* infested with corporate spyware?

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looks like i forgot to set the SSL certificate on here for auto-renewal -- my apologies. i've fixed that up now, so you should stop getting certificate errors when trying to reach the site.


i need a more reliable/faster way for automating an RSS feed to birdsite than IFTTT.

fuck the five day work week
fuck the four day work week

i want three days.

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creating the "nectardine", a cutting edge hybrid of nectarines and sardines

found a sparcstation on the free table at work today :)

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This is WILD

> Pumpkin is the name I have given to my port of PalmOS running on the x64 architecture.

> This is where Pumpkin is different from emulators: it can also run native applications at native speed. If you have the source code of a PalmOS application, you can compile it for Pumpkin OS with minimal modifications.

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everyone arguing about different flavors of computer software on here is arguing about which part of the chunky toilet bowl is best for swimming

well, my blog has auto-detecting dark mode now. so that's cool.

doing some good old-fashioned friday afternoon yak shaving

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It's 2005. You spent $5000 on a top of the line Dell XPS 600 with a beautiful, well gaudy, silver and brushed metal led backlit fascia. It's blazing fast and with its TWO factory equipped nVidia graphics cards in SLI! It comes with this keyboard. :sadmac:

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My wife is taking a course in "Information Security"

They require you to run flash in order to access to course.

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