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1993年に発売された雑誌「Super Play Gold」にアクションリプレイとコンバータを駆使した「世界初と思われるニンテンドウタワーが」掲載されていた。

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That's waaay too many colors for a graphics mode on an emulated CGA adapter... Or is it? 😎

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Time to upgrade this cute little HP. First things to go are the strange Riptide sound card/modem and the ATI Rage Pro Turbo. Someone already seems to have upgraded the processor to a K6-2 550MHz.

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In the 1980's building a computer yourself was easy. You went into a random radioshack, bought an approximately computer-sized pile of random parts, and then connected them together however you wanted.

No names, no specs, just vibes. And now you had a computer.

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IBM always had the best keyboards, don't you think? the classic Model M, the iconic Model F... and ummm what in tarnation

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Happy birthday X!
(X as in X11, as it's been called since 1987)
38 Years.
Feel old?

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By the way, this has just been done. Enjoy the new section on assembler directives, and the new lesson on the cartridge header!
(As again, feedback is welcome—if you found the lessons confusing, please tell me and I'll improve them.) twitter.com/issotm/status/1534

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LOL JAPAN. Internet Explorer shutdown is "...stirring a sense of panic among many businesses and government agencies in Japan that waited to update their websites until the last minute."

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Whoa, Polish National Health Fund has a Github account and even has some R package published. I didn't expect that.


Although they could have published the source there, not just a .tar.gz :D

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Added support for the sound playback frequency parameter - important for the keypad beeps in intro. Big thanks to max-m for his help with this!
Also found room for 4 more lines in the framebuffers. So now rendering at 160x100 instead of cropped 160x96.

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lmao, @ThievesOfTime1@twitter.com sent me this, saying "look, someone made a fanart of you and Laser"

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stargazing 🔭

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